Property Graphics

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Mandurah Quays Marina – Shadow Study

Edgefield Projects offers a comprehensive property graphics service.  This capability has been developed by testing the effectiveness of various media over several decades of project work. We have found that compelling graphics play an integral role in effectively describing the development proposal in order to persuade community members, Councils and potential buyers.

We can provide presentation site plans, illustrative development plans, rendered floor plans and elevations, diagrams to explain design concepts, and sales and marketing plans.  We can also provide sketches and street level perspective drawings to illustrate what a development would look like from the street.  This is often a useful and approachable medium for use in community consultation and liaison.

Edgefield Projects can assist with the creation of 3D massing models for larger planning projects, detailed architectural models for individual buildings, and, if photorealistic images are required, assist in sourcing this service and then liaising with the appointed rendering artist to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.