Rosehilll Presentation Plan 131213 v2

Rosehill Waters Estate – Concept Plan

Jeff Thierfelder has led the design of many residential estates in Western Australia and overseas.  He has a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard lot sizes, street cross-sections, and building typologies.  He has learned to apply these in a manner that efficiently lays out the estate while also maximising any particular attributes of the site.  Now that many estates are venturing beyond single level detached homes, Jeff can also bring his expertise in more dense building typologies and provide direction in how they can be configured and integrated into the development.

We have a broad knowledge of key issues affecting residential estates including water management, traffic management, noise, environmental considerations, and waste-water management.  Edgefield Projects works regularly with a range of industry consultants including civil engineers, environmental engineers, surveyors, traffic engineers, acoustic consultants, ethnographic consultants, and landscape architects.

Scope of Work
Our expertise focuses particularly on the urban design of these projects.  This includes concept / yield plans, structure plans, local development plans, design guidelines, and design assessments.  We work closely with statutory town planners to put together relevant approval documents such as structure plan reports and scheme amendments.  We are happy to work with the client’s appointed statutory planner or can recommend one of the excellent town planners in our network.

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