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Innovation Housing Precinct, Rockingham – Frontage Type

As lots get smaller and dense, mixed-use development becomes more prevalent, finding effective methods of controlling the scale and format of development has become increasingly important.  Jeff Thierfelder has worked on many leading projects that have put in place innovative development frameworks to deliver the intended built form outcomes.  These frameworks must find ways of balancing the individual designers’ desire to innovate and respond to site conditions with the overall need for cohesion and consistency, especially in a dense urban environment.

Jeff’s contributions to this specialist area have been significant.  In 2006, he drafted a Detailed Area Plan for Cockburn Central Town Centre using innovative ‘façade standards’ that regulated the public-private interface carefully but left the balance of the site relatively unconstrained.  This innovative approach proved to be effective for town centres where the street interface is crucial but the eventual land use and building form cannot be accurately pre-determined.  Since that time he has applied this approach successfully on other shopping centre and town centre projects.

In a previous role, Jeff acted as client-side Design Manager for the Jindee Estate, a masterplanned community in Jindalee, WA.  This project has perhaps the most sophisticated form based code in Australia, based on SmartCode from the USA.  Jeff’s contribution included testing and refining the code and writing the project’s Architectural Pattern Book, a document that takes cues from the vernacular architectural patterns in Fremantle, Cottesloe and Rottnest Island.

Jeff has written a number of more straightforward sets of design guidelines and Local Development Plans (previously DAPs) for residential estates throughout Western Australia.  He has also acted in a Design Assessment role, reviewing proposed building plans to ensure compliance with the design parameters set out in the design guidelines and LDPs.  Jeff currently sits on the Vincent, South Perth, and Victoria Park Design Review Committees, providing design commentary on larger development proposals that come through for approval.

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