The Crest Design Guidelines + DAPs, Minim Cove WA

On behalf of Landcorp, Jeff acted as Project Director in the review of the Design Guidelines and the preparation of Detailed Area Plans for the final stage of this renowned riverside address at Buckland Hill Estate, Mosman Park. Our role was to review the existing design guidelines (prepared in 2007) and update them to reflect contemporary architectural design and regulatory requirements. To support the new guidelines, we also created a series of Detailed Area Plans that went into a Local Planning Policy adopted by the Town of Mosman Park.  These small lot DAPs coordinated solar access between dwellings, ensured that garage locations were set in appropriate locations, and limited the privacy provisions in the R Codes to only designated courtyards on adjoining blocks.  We ended up assisting Landcorp with redesigning the 26-lot subdivision after additional community consultation in order to retain significant trees on site.  Jeff undertook this work while at Urbis.