Rosehill Waters Estate, South Guildford WA

Jeff played a leading role in the conceptual design of a new integrated residential community on the former Rosehill Golf Course in South Guildford. The site is 49ha of undulating hills and mature trees, and directly abuts the Helena River. The design team engaged in a detailed investigation process to better understand the likely future residents of the estate and the local context, and created a vision for the project based on some key design parameters from old Guildford to give the new estate a unique and authentic flavour. The proposed design incorporates the existing lines of mature trees that divide the golf course links to create broad avenues as the major street structure. Minor streets are very narrow to create intimate slow speed environments suitable for direct frontage and encouraging community interaction. The contrast between the two street typologies creates strong legibility and ties the project back to traditional patterns in the area. The new estate will feature a range of lot sizes and building typologies, including single houses, duplexes, terraces, and walk-up apartments.  A new neighbourhood-scale commercial centre is proposed directly adjacent to the river foreshore, with strong street and open space connections back to the residential precincts and the surrounding community. The design overcame significant drainage constraints, bushfire setbacks, topographic challenges, and noise contours caused by the nearby airport. Images shown here for the overall estate layout and neighbourhood centre were preliminary concepts and do not reflect the current development proposal.  Jeff undertook this work while at Urbis.