Newman Townsite Expansion, Newman WA

Newman’s important role as the major administrative centre and urban hub of the East Pilbara, together with a surge in population as a result of the surrounding resource sector, sparked concern over the town’s ability to support long term economic activity and therefore its ability to provide a secure regional hub that services outlying towns and communities. To address this concern, Jeff and his team were appointed to undertake a wide range of planning and design services for the town.  The scope of work included facilitating 6 residential and industrial developments within Newman (combined anticipated yield of 3500 lots) to accommodate projected growth in line with the Newman Strategic Plan. We utilized our strong appreciation and understanding of the Pilbara region from a design perspective to prepare designs that respond to the local cultural and climatic conditions, as well as the local drainage context. We also facilitating a high level of engagement with the Shire, Department of Planning and other Government agencies through the initial stages of this project to ensure a collaborative and informative approach, as well as to ensure approvals are delivered within the envisaged timeframes. Jeff undertook this work while at Urbis.