Harrisdale Green Grouped Housing, Harrisdale WA

We were engaged by a major builder to provide design inputs into a tender for this significant grouped housing site at Harrisdale Green. This site is bounded on two sides by public open space, and is within easy walking distance of a local shopping centre. It forms the centerpiece of the development and as such had to exemplify the intended built form quality for the new community. The design task focused on assessing the likely target markets for this housing product, and then laying out the site and building typologies to best take advantage of the site attributes. The final layout included a central drive that provides vehicle access to all dwellings while also creating identifiable precincts for various building types. To take advantage of the northern aspect, we located courtyard apartments on the northern edge facing the POS. The courtyards allow all dwellings to get northern light onto balconies and a direct view of the park, while also creating social semi-private spaces for the residents. The eastern edge was planned out for three bedroom terraces, complete with front terrace and private back courtyard. These were targeted to younger downsizers who wish to stay in a house with smaller gardens but still want a reasonable amount of space. On the south and western edges of the site, we designed a range of single-storey cottages. With their own courtyards, these dwellings target a more affordable pricepoint and are suitable for older purchasers who have trouble with stairs. The final dwelling type we designed was a compact ‘granny flat’ that sits above the garages for the terraces. These would be great as rentals or extra accommodate for a teenager or elderly parent. They face a row of single storey cottages across the street, helping to activate and make the entry into the project more attractive. At the north-east corner of the site, we’ve left a plaza space and specified significant trees in and around it. This area opens up views through the project and provides a community gathering space for informal bbqs and events.