Chidlow Eco-Retirement Village, Chidlow WA

We were commissioned to undertake the design and planning work for a new eco-retirement village for Greenedge Projects in Chidlow. The project comprises 22 units with dwellings ranging in size from 84m2 – 117m2 sitting on a larger block with significant communal space. The village includes a large landscaped central spine and community building housing library, meeting room, doctor’s consulting rooms and toilets.  The residences are designed to capture all the drinking water that residents will need from their butterfly roofs, connecting to underground storage tanks. Solar panels provide all the power needs and all sewerage is treated on-site and reticulated back onto the landscape.  The dwellings are designed to be constructed in modules using heavily insulated timber frame floors, walls, and ceilings. Double-glazed windows are specified throughout. In order to achieve thermal mass, thick, rammed earth walls are specified between duplex pairs and on a portion of the east/west external walls. The project was a Finalist for the 2009 HIA Greensmart ‘Concept Design’ award.