Chianti Private Estate Design Guidelines + DAPs, Woodvale WA

On behalf of the developer, we authoured a set of comprehensive design guidelines and restrictive covenants for a new housing estate in Wanneroo called Chianti Private Estate – Woodvale. The design guidelines address five primary objectives: sense of place, crime prevention, community building, promotion of physical health, and sustainability. Highlights of the guidelines include two character precincts with more restrictive standards: one precinct emphasizing coastal architecture and one precinct encouraging buildings inspired by Swan Valley architecture. The guidelines also require each house to meet stringent sustainability standards, helping to reduce water and energy use within the estate.  As part of the project, we also created a series of Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) to guide the physical massing of buildings on each block.  These building controls address overshadowing, privacy, northern aspect for courtyards, and garage location.  We have recently been involved in some minor amendments to these DAPs to remove the original requirement for single or double storey dwellings in certain precincts.