Grouped Housing

The Mews at Cambridge Waters, Canning Vale WA


Edgefield Projects offers the rare combination of housing design and site planning expertise. Because of this, we are uniquely placed to design grouped housing sites; to take advantage of the significant opportunities that can be achieved when designing both concurrently. We have experience on a range of challenging sites where access is limited, lot geometries are irregular, or significant falls exist. On small lots, this requires a careful coordination between the unit designs and the site layout to achieve an optimal result that will also be accepted by Council.

Passive solar principles can also be incorporated into grouped housing projects, with northern access to sun prioritised for back courtyards and living spaces to facilitate winter heating. Cross-ventilation through units and appropriate shading of windows helps to minimise cooling loads during summer. These basic principles need to be incorporated early in the site planning to maximise their impact.

Scope of Services

Edgefield Projects undertakes the schematic design of the grouped housing units and the site layout in-house. This includes site plan, 3D model, floor plans and elevations of dwellings, and any additional documentation needed for Planning Approval. We can also document the survey strata subdivision, and lodge on the client’s behalf with the WAPC, then follow it up to ensure appropriate approval conditions.

We outsource the documentation for Building Permit to one of several trusted drafting consultants in our network, but will check and mark-up drawings to ensure consistency with the original design vision. We also provide support to clients through the procurement of a structural engineer and a builder, as necessary, as well as assist in the compilation of a comprehensive specification for the project. We are happy to make suggestions on materials, finishes and colours that will be compatible with the chosen design. We can also be available, as needed, during the construction process to ensure that the built outcome meets the initial expectations.

Edgefield Projects also offers a Property Graphics service, creating sales plans, explanatory diagrams, and assisting with sourcing photorealistic 3D images for the project to support the sales campaign.

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