Custom Homes

Flinders St North-South Cross Section

71 Flinders St, Mount Hawthorn – Solar Access / Stack Ventilation Diagram

Edgefield Projects has extensive experience designing custom homes for clients. We have designed for a variety of site conditions and aesthetic preferences, from contemporary homes on small, inner city sites to rambling traditional homes on acreage and everything in between. We have been recognised for our work via a number of Housing Industry Association awards including the national HIA Greensmart Custom Home of the Year in 2012.

We enjoy the personal interaction and work hard to help realise our client’s aspirations. In order to ensure a satisfactory outcome, we work closely with clients through iterative design process where they get multiple opportunities for feedback. For most projects, we create a three-dimensional model of the proposed design to assist the client in visualising the spaces and in making informed design choices.

As every site is different, a thorough opportunities and constraints analysis is always our starting point. Key issues often include solar access, direction of prevailing breezes, existing vegetation, access to the site, surrounding development, soil character, and site slopes. Over this we layer the client’s programmatic requirements and aesthetic preferences, resulting in a design solution that is uniquely tailored to the site and the client’s lifestyle.

We use passive solar principles as a basis for our design ideas. This just makes good sense in Perth’s benign climate. If done correctly, this approach can remove the need for expensive air conditioning and heating systems. It also tends to make the house more liveable; lighter and brighter in winter, and full of shade and fresh air in summer.

Scope of Work
Edgefield Projects offers a comprehensive design service. We manage the client interface throughout the project, and undertake the conceptual design, 3D modelling, and planning approvals ourselves. We outsource the documentation for Building Permit to one of several trusted drafting consultants in our network, but will check and mark-up drawings to ensure consistency with the original design vision. We also provide support to clients through the procurement of a structural engineer and a builder, as well as assist in the compilation of a comprehensive specification for the project. We are happy to make suggestions on materials, finishes and colours that will be compatible with the chosen design. We can also provide client-side assistance throughout the build to ensure that the final built result matches expectations by attending meetings with the builder and periodic inspections of the building site during construction.

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