Wright St Apartments, Highgate

Edgefield Projects has significant expertise in the design of apartment projects. With a thorough understanding of building typologies and unit layouts, we can quickly work up site and building configurations to maximise the specific attributes of the site and to cater to the targeted demographic.

When we design, we work to create design efficiencies to minimise the cost of the project and to maximise the useable space. From the beginning, we plan out the site to enable efficient car parking, vertical alignment of structure to avoid transfer slabs, clustering of wet areas to enable efficient service runs, and building configuration strategies to minimise corridors and allow for cross-ventilation. We are careful to coordinate units to limit cross-viewing between units, and we design to avoid the need to screen balconies from overlooking neighbouring properties. Finally, so there are no surprises, we plan early for the unglamorous support elements that must be accommodated such as bin stores, bike parking, fire safety equipment, and egress routes.

Scope of Work
Edgefield Projects undertakes the schematic design of the apartment buildings and the site layout in-house. This includes site plan, 3D model, floor plans of unit types, building elevations, and a comprehensive justification report for Planning Approval. We can also prepare and deliver presentations to Council (or Council-appointed Design Advisory Committees) on behalf of the client to assist in obtaining approval. Jeff Thierfelder sits on three Design Advisory Committees (Vincent, South Perth, and Victoria Park) so is well versed in the types of issues that will be discussed and the approaches likely to gain their support.

We outsource the documentation for Building Permit to one of several trusted drafting consultants in our network, but will check and mark-up drawings to ensure consistency with the original design vision. We also provide support to clients through the procurement of a structural engineer and a builder, as necessary, as well as assist in the compilation of a comprehensive specification for the project. We are happy to make suggestions on materials, finishes and colours that will be compatible with the chosen design. We can also be available, as needed, during the construction process to ensure that the built outcome meets the initial expectations.

Edgefield Projects also offers a Property Graphics service, creating sales plans, explanatory diagrams, and assisting with sourcing photorealistic 3D images for the project to support the sales campaign.

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