Who We Are

Edgefield Projects is a boutique housing, urban design and planning consultancy based in the Perth Hills. Nearly two decades of local and international property experience informs our insights, advice and design solutions. Edgefield Projects designs custom homes and undertakes small subdivisions for individuals and families. For the broader property industry, we provide design expertise on residential structure plans, town centres, local development plans, and infill housing projects.

Keys to Our Success
Lean Business Model – We work from a home studio and employ no full-time staff. This keeps our overheads low, which enables a competitive fee structure, and allows us to focus on projects rather than running an office. We link up with other consultants to deliver larger, more complex projects that require outside expertise or additional resources.

Personal Service – At Edgefield Projects, we manage our client load carefully to ensure that we have time to give them our full attention. Because we really understand the needs of our clients, we can provide them with personalised and highly tailored advice. This relationship-based approach leads to a more satisfying experience for everyone.

Senior Expertise – At larger firms, many clients get disappointed when their project is delegated to junior staff. At Edgefield Projects, clients have direct interaction with the Principal throughout the project. This ensures that each project gets the highest level of service, which gives them the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.

Highly Responsive – Our clients often need quick turnaround concepts or yield studies to inform the feasibility analysis prior to making an offer on a site. We are used to working to tight timelines, and can be flexible with working hours to meet a project deadline. If additional resources are required, we can source staff at short notice through our network of sub-contractors.

Our Team

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Jeff Thierfelder, Principal

Jeff Thierfelder is an award-winning designer. He is passionate about good design and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. He has professional qualifications in architecture, town planning, economics, and property development. Jeff’s 18 year employment history includes senior level appointments with leading consulting firms and property developers. Jeff’s primary expertise is in the master planning of residential and mixed-use precincts, and in the design of custom homes, grouped housing and apartments projects. He is a Certified Practising Planner, and is an active speaker at industry events on diverse topics such as passive solar design, form based codes, and placemaking. He currently sits on three Local Council Design Review Committees: City of Vincent, City of South Perth, and the Town of Victoria Park.  Click here to view Jeff’s professional CV.

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Jo Thierfelder, Business Manager

Jo Thierfelder has a degree in journalism and public relations, and has worked extensively in corporate communications, marketing, and business development. She has more than 14 years of professional experience, much of it in senior roles in the property industry, which is where her passion lies. She has played a central role in the design and delivery of two custom homes, and has a keen understanding of design, project management and property-related issues. Jo also runs a communications consultancy, Finesse Communications, servicing clients in the real estate and environmental sectors.